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This free interactive online space inspires children aged 6 - 13 years to innovate, create and explore with the support of an Alithia mentor.

Whilst our program is designed to support 6 - 13 year old children we invite families to join in on the fun too!

welcome to the innovators hub. are you ready to play?

New challenge:

How to build the perfect (eco-friendly) city

Term 2 question: How to Save the Planet

We see this like a gaming space, here is how to play!!

  1. Create an account with Pinterest using your first name (or an alias).
  2. Click on 'Boards' and create a Journal Board called e.g. "John's Innovative Hub". You can choose to make your 'board' private or public.   Click here for details on how to use Pinterest.
  3. Follow the Alithia Learning Pinterest account and go to your child's board and "invite" Alithia so we can find your board and link you into the community! 
  4. A topic (also known as a “challenge”) will be chosen such as “how to reduce waste” and announced in the Innovators Hub board on the Alithia Pinterest page. 
  5. Respond to the topic by adding posts (pins) to your personal journal board in Pinterest (your Innovative Hub board).
  6. Look at other people’s journal boards (buttons below) to comment or be inspired! (Please watch the video or read our guidelines before commenting on other peoples posts).
  7. Keep an eye on the Alithia Innovators Hub board for weekly recaps, new challenges and feedback.
  8. Have fun!

     Parents and families... why not create your own journal board too and join in on the fun!

come follow the innovators hub at alithia learning on pinterest


What can I post on my journal board?


Your posts can be anything that pops into your mind when you think of this topic!

  • A creative response such as a photo, an artwork, you can share a video of a song, a poem or story that you or someone else has written.
  • If our topic was "how to reduce waste" it could be things that already exist like the Keep Cup for take away coffee, or in Europe they are recycling plastic bags to make roads with. You may like to do research and post collages, videos of yourself talking, or post a written list.
  • You might innovate your own ideas and many might seem impossible. Your idea could be “we have loads of aliens that walk around eating plastic and their tummy turns it to mulch”.


The key here is to be playful and have fun — to dream up the impossible or inspire others with creative responses such as songs, dance, art… OR research and find things that are out there and share them!


Tell me more about the role of the mentor...


Our mentor (Brony Marshall) aims to support collaborative innovation where children are encouraged to instigate projects, develop ideas and put them into action.

Resized_20200205_103429 (1)

Each week the mentor will post on the Alithia Board a recap of what has happened over the week…. and we ask the participants to check in and watch that.

The mentor might say “Bob shared his idea of aliens, then Lilly developed it to robots, and Sam responded with this sketch drawing…. meanwhile others responded like this”.

This recap might inspire things in the participants. Especially hearing what people like about each idea. The mentor may gather questions posed and create more “How to “ challenges, such as “how to make a robot from eco-friendly materials”. Participants can choose to respond to the initial challenge, this new challenge from the mentor, or keep developing their peers' ideas, their own ideas, or respond creatively to something that sparked their interest within the hub.

Our mentor can be contacted at for further support or queries.

What comments can we leave on other people's posts?

The number one rule for this game is HOW you comment.

  1. The first thing said has to be something positive first, something you LIKE about the idea.

It needs to be at least one thing. Aiming for three things is the challenge.

“I like that it made me smile”

“I like the colours”

“I like the line in that song that says ….”

2. THEN afterwards, if you have any questions or if there are any problems or

obstacles with that idea we start with the words “How do we… How to”....

“How do we make our own aliens that could turn this plastic into something useful?” This comment can spark an idea for someone else and they might do a post on their own board, maybe it's a sketch of this robot as they see it, and then they label the post to say it was inspired by a conversation on Bob’s board.

Asking a question?

If you have a question, try to reword it to make a sentence instead of asking a question (this one can be a fun but difficult challenge!).

If there is no way to reword it from being a question, then we ask you state your reason for asking before you ask.

Context first turns your question into a positive discussion: “this drawing reminds me of this movie. Is that where you got your inspiration?”

Want to know more?

If you would like someone to elaborate you can respond simply: “I find this interesting. Please tell me more”.

If it has been tried before?

Instead of "this won't work because" .... try “how can we do it differently to when these people did it and it didn't work.” We are opening up the idea for us to work together to discover what needs tweaking in a productive way.

It takes practice and we are here to help each other learn how to comment like this!

Let's Play! See you at the Innovators Hub

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