Alithia Mentors 2020

After extensive interviews with amazing mentors from across the East Coast, we are delighted to introduce the following facilitators  as of July 2020.


Tuesday - Friday:

Pinar O'Connor (Head Mentor / Coordinator)

Pinar is a youth mentor, yoga therapist, educator, and provisional counsellor. Pinar will be joined each day by a different mentor.

Children and young people are referred to Pinar for Yoga Therapy, which she continues to study, along with Art Therapy. She has worked with children with a variety of special needs. Pinar loves holding empowering spaces for youth, where they dive deep into a range of topics from sustainability and innovation to self esteem, creativity and mindfulness. She has mentored children in the field of nanotechnology, as well as worked as a camp coach following her passion for nature sports such as skiing and wind surfing. Holding a bachelor degree in Production Systems Engineering. Pinar has worked in a variety of fields such as technology commercialisation and corporate consultancy before her full-time youth work journey started. Pinar has a deep love of music, plays the violin and recently completed a training on "Nature Based Learning", organised by Bellingen Ecological Centre. Her interdisciplinary background is where she feeds her mentorship journey from, and enjoys linking a scientific understanding to her yoga classes, using it as an opportunity to share anatomical insights with young people.


Tuesday Program:

Camilla Ticehurst (Educator | STEMS & Nature Mentor)

Camilla has been running creative workshops at Alithia since January. These include STEM, cooking, arts, nature, building, gardening and crafts. Camilla also runs the Alithia Junior's Nature, Art and Mindfulness Programs (for 2-5 year olds) in Valla two days per week. Camilla holds qualifications in education and Alithia's communication training, as well as a deep awareness of positive holistic development and special needs. Camilla brings joy, fun and laughter to every environment, encouraging inclusiveness and understanding between children. Camilla provides a nurturing environment where children flourish.


Wednesday Program

Elintari (Early Childhood Educator |Nature Academy Mentor)

Elintari is a mentor from Nature Academy and has worked with 6-12 year olds on Wild Camps, 4-8 year olds at Bush Kindy and various ages at the Nature Playgroups. Her skills and interests include: fire craft and cooking, whittling, weaving lomandra grass, creating bush swings and slack lines, recreation, arts, permaculture gardening, imagination and hands-on building in nature. Elintari fosters a deeper connection with nature through child led play and exploration.

Elintari has undertaken training in Non-Violent Communication and Alithia's Positive Communication. Elintari worked as a facilitator in Out of Hours Care at Thornbury Primary School. In this program she offered movement or yoga postures to calm the mind or emotions and drew on her mindfulness training. She further assisted in helping the children to manage difficult emotions and social interactions. Elintari is Steiner educated and an experienced and qualified early child-hood educator.


Thursday Program

Alice (Environmental Education | Camp Creative)

Alice has spent the last 14 years working as a mentor at Camp Creative, specialising in Drama / Theatre and Story-telling with mixed-age groups (6 -14 year olds). As a radio presenter, Alice will be offering radio segments to the kids as well as gardening workshops. Alice has also worked as an Environmental Education Officer for kids school camps, helping children create a connection with nature. Alice enjoys working with diverse children from all backgrounds, facing a variety of challenges. Alice has worked in schools as a teacher for 20 years. Many years ago, Alice combined her love of the environment and of theatre to run outdoor theatre organisations, which focused on environmental issues, in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Friday Morning

Bonnie Nilsson (Therapist | Music Teacher)

Qualified music teacher, Music therapist & Composer, Bonnie fills the room with laughter and musical games, flowing from sitting-down activities to rhythmic-movement as she reads the needs of the group, encouraging them to throw in requests and ideas.

Bonnie uses the Sol-Fa method of teaching, which easily translates across to reading music and uses the white board to visualise bars of music, her training as a therapist enables her to to recognise the natural ebb and flow of restlessness that children have; by working with this flow, the group remain intensely engaged.


Friday Afternoon

Ben (Design, Robotics, Music & Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics (STEM)

While Ben was raising his 15 year old daughter, he began to see the disengagement in schools and wished to inspire interest. He worked as a Student Learning Support Officer at Bowraville Central School. He ran a Makerspace where he designed and implemented learning opportunities for students from Kindergarten to Year 10. Some of these skills included: 3d printing, Construction, Electronics, Robotics, Music and Multimedia (STEM).

Ben has experience and qualifications in Architectural Design, drafting, Town Planning, Permaculture Design and Horticulture. Ben and his daughter were part of the Yarrahapinni choir and he is interested in sharing his love of singing, Ukulele and Djembe drums throughout his day.


Thursday Program Support 

Bronya Marillier (Educator | Volunteer Parent)

Bronya is a volunteering parent who worked as an educator for many years in alternative and Reggio Emilia inspired schools in Melbourne, before facilitating holistic learning for a home-schooling community in Bundagen. Bronya runs a popular after-school drama program with regular performances.  Bronya has lots of experience in facilitating child-led project work and hopes to help a group of interested children to dive deep into a project (a play/ film/ science exploration/ building project). Bronya inspires a connection with nature and natural living.

Support on Request: Available Tue - Fri 

Innica (Holistic Facilitator)

Innica supports children to find the expression of their natural gifts and creativity in a calm and nurturing way. Innica facilitates groups to settle or regulate the nervous systems so the body mind functions are operating in optimal states.  Innica's work has shown that technique, creative workshops, play, and building trust to settle nervous systems, are the key for rapid growth and embodied presence. Innica is also a yoga and fitness instructor, as well as facilitates body movement and dance. Innica holds a degree in communications, and extensive training and experience that includes somatic therapy, meditation and life coaching.

Substitute / Casual / Future Mentors

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 3.09.28 pm


(Educator | Arts Therapist)

"I have worked with children from Kindergarten through to Year 12, encompassing Primary, Secondary and Special Education Schools. My seven-year career as a teacher has been diverse; from supporting students with intellectual differences to students to youth ‘excluded’ from mainstream schooling due to behavioural challenges. I can see the disconnect that our youth are facing, and the continual pressures they are experiencing from our current schooling systems. My ten-year career as a Paramedic allowed me to interact on a daily basis with people from various cultures and social demographics".

Brony holds qualification in a range of therapy, including holistic counselling, and currently runs Self-Empowerment Programs for children. Her way of communicating creates mutual respect between children and mentor, and empowers children to make responsible choices. Brony's work has showed her ability to help children build deep connections (with self, nature and others). The Alithia Board were inspired by Brony's past experiences encouraging creative thinking and hands-on-projects with children, and her recognition of  for innovation, holistic development,  and a democratic environment. We are very excited to have Brony on board!


Lara Freeman

(Facilitator | Fitness)

Lara Freeman is a professional fitness facilitator with additional qualifications in Inspired Kids Yoga and Yin Yoga facilitation. Lara has been developing programs for  Schools and Youth Networks, as well as running after school community groups for several years. Lara was the Co-founder of the Coffs Coast Community Circus. Lara has facilitated workshops with Beyond Blue, The Ted Noffs Foundation, Camp Quality and is currently an Aime Mentor. Lara is the founder of Upside Down fitness, which is a mix of Circus skills, Gymnastics, Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Games and Relaxation to create a holistic and fun approach to exercise and tool to demonstrate the links between healthier choices through activities as a link to stress management and self-regulation. Some of the activities Lara includes are: Aerobic dance routines, hula hooping, juggling, Acro balance, handstand/gymnastics drills, yoga sequences, Core and back strengthening, Tai chi sequences, breathing and relaxation exercises. All of these activities develop fine motor skills, coordination, concentration, trust, teamwork and confidence.

Kylie Wachoupe

(Educating Mentor | Sub)

Kylie has spent the last 10 years working with 6-12 years olds in primary schools and will use this experience to coordinate four days of workshops and daily mentors. Kylie is excited to get creative with the kids, helping them to develop ideas, projects and their interests. Kylie enjoys finding ways to incorporate the natural environment to enhance understanding of concepts, and is looking forward to holding space for collaboration and learning through creative play. Kylie enjoys working with others to brainstorm and create exciting ways to enhance a child's learning journey.

Michael Jarrett

Michael Jarrett:  

Language and Culture Mentor / Educator

Michael is currently working full-time for the language centre and will join us for one full day every month. You can read his bio here

See our full mentor list here

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