Bringing Alithia to Life

The Journey to launch Alithia in 2019

The Plan:

Children per day
Members for 2019

We're on track but need your help

The Alithia Learning committee is on track to commence the Daily Program in 2019, however, we are at the point where we cannot do this without expanding our global community and are ready to build our network far and wide. We are at the stage where we are recruiting as many helping hands as possible and ready to launch in to fundraising and partnerships. Please help us spread the word, be involved with our crowd funding and search for investors and grants.

We are always on the lookout for interested people who have ideas or energy to contribute to the project.

From grassroots, big things grow.

Form Committee
Social Media Platforms
Communication Training
Registrations (Open Sept 2018)
Employ Staff

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality."

- John Lennon


Alithia is a registered not-for-profit charity.

We are seeking funding from a range of sources to get Alithia off the ground :

  • Philanthropic organisations;
  • Corporate grants;
  • Government grants;
  • Membership;
  • Donations; and
  • Crowd funding.

We are fundraising for the following:

  • Set up costs: $2K
  • Resources & Utilities: $15K
  • Facilitator: $50K
  • Administrator: $40K
  • Facility set-up: $80K
Resources & Utilities
Bus or Yurt

How Can You Help?

Share Us

Every share helps us to get our message out there and contribute to the greater movement of alternative/outdoor education.

We need letters of support to strengthen our funding submissions. Read letters others have written if you're needing a bit of inspiration on what to write.

Families can become members ($10 per year, per family) to cover insurance and give access to our Play Days, workshops, meetings and communication training.

Get Project Updates

Share the Journey with us

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About Us

Alithia Learning runs a range of child-led programs designed for 5 to 12 year-olds. The defining characteristics of our programs are positive communication and freedom to learn.

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