Thursdays at Alithia

Here is a glimpse of a typical Thursday at Alithia, which always includes a hands-on science workshop in the morning, followed by a gymnastics / aerial / acro workshop. Thursdays follow the same flow as the other days with the usual meetings and grounding, educational games, arts, yoga/relaxation, journaling, and academics in between (usually reading or maths focus)... all outdoors in nature.
This week the science workshop involved investigation and demolition of electrical appliances to see what goes where and to discuss what is used from the periodic table to make the parts of our technology.  The kids were very keen and adept at dismantling the microwaves and printer,They worked beautifully together asking for assistance when needed and giving each other space and turns to try unscrewing screws, cutting wires and hammering.
Lara from Upside Down Fitness ran a workshop involving an  Aerial Yoga/Sling rigged from the tree in the shade. The kids explored still and dynamic moves, inversions, restorative poses and strengthening poses. Aerial was a hit with everyone; kids demonstrated great resilience , perseverance, teamwork and patience in between turns.
Lara uses gymnastics and yoga to teach wellbeing (breathing) and anatomy (labelling muscle groups, bones, organs etc as the kids move, and then inspiring further investigation with anatomy books and puzzles close by).... even a parent had a go!
We are a volunteer run charity and 100% of donations goes straight to providing a space and workshops for the kids. Securely choose your donation amount here via our website.
We hope to use the outcomes gained from this space for evidence and to help others to open these around Australia.
Thank you for your support!