Alithia Junior (2-5 year olds): 2021

Alithia Junior (for 2- 5 year olds) is held in Valla Beach and runs Thursday and Friday only.

Cost: $55 per day (50% discount for the second child).

Please email the mentor, Camilla*, with all your info, to be placed on the waiting list for Alithia Junior:

We do not receive any funding for this program and it is self-sufficient. We apologise we cannot offer scholarships or discounts at this stage for the Junior Program. The majority of the information on the rest of this website is for The Learning Hub (6-12 year olds).

*Please note that Camilla volunteers her time doing the administration for Alithia Junior, so she priorities her time operating the hub for the current families and communication for the waiting list can be slow.

The Learning Hub (6-12 year olds): 2021

In 2021 we are reducing our operating hours. We are offering two programs thanks to The Funding Network! The Learning Centre will be operating full-time in 2022 when we have secured sustainable funding.

If you are new to Alithia, please click here to learn what we are about.

Scholarships: Please email if you require a discount or financial assistance of any kind. We can apply this AFTER you have enrolled online. You may also be able to use your NDIS funding if you arrange with your NDIS supervisor (Therapeutic Services: 01_741_0128_1_3).

Trial Days: Please enrol in the program of your choice online. The system will generate a statement, however payment is not due immediately. After your first day, if you do not wish to continue, please pay only for the day you attended ($30), un-enrol online and email us.

If your child is currently enrolled in school, please download the letter to your principal.

Alithia 2021 Programs final

#1 Thursday Program: Interest Led Projects ($30 p/day)

Age: 6- 11 (12+ peer mentors)*

The Thursday program will run with a simple and flexible daily rhythm. Everyone will gather together for morning circle and for an afternoon reflection. There will be a morning and afternoon block where we will offer workshops and pursue interests – the content of these sessions will be interest-based and are likely to include visual arts, nature play, group games, drama, science, books, water play etc. There will be the opportunity for small groups and individuals to pursue their personal interests and also for the larger group to develop a longer term project. We welcome parents and children to share their interests and passions by offering workshops, especially in the early weeks as we build group culture and discover shared interests. We will be using a Reggio Emilia influenced approach to project work, which is a very open-ended model based on engaging children’s natural enthusiasm for discovery and learning and supporting them in following their interests. There are many similarities to a Natural Learning approach. Of course it is not always possible to pursue every interest as soon as it comes up, but we will do our best to follow up the strong threads of interest that will inevitably develop as the group works and plays together.


Mentor: Bronya and John are both qualified educators who have worked for many years in alternative and Reggio Emilia inspired schools in Melbourne, before facilitating holistic learning for a home-schooling community in Bundagen. Bronya worked at Alithia in 2020 in Term 3 and 4, and John spent several days helping out as a parent volunteer. They also run a popular after-school drama program with regular performances for younger and older groups of students. Bronya and John have lots of experience in facilitating child-led project work and inspire a connection with nature and natural living. Up until now they have also been home-schooling their own three children.

*Participants 12 years old and up with a genuine interest in creating a peer/mentor position for themselves are welcome following a meeting to discuss the nature of the role and to create an individual plan.

Max number of children: 20

#2 Wednesday Program: Self-empowerment, Creative Space and Choir ($30 p/day)

Age: 6-9 (older welcome)

9.30am - 1.30pm Wellbeing, Art and Nature with Brony Marshall: 

Brony is an Arts Therapist who helps children build their confidence and a strong sense of self through interest-led creative projects, movement and mindfulness. 

The Wednesday program starts with a circle in morning, followed by dance / movement, creative space time (exploring different mediums of arts based on children's interests), nature-based exploration, self-empowerment activities / conversations / journaling.

1.30pm - 2.30pm Music / Choir with Bonnie Nilsson:

Bonnie is a qualified music teacher, music therapist and composer, who uses the sol-fa method and games to inspire voices. 

Wilderkids Junior (2-5 year olds): 2021

Alithia has teamed up with WilderPractices (as in "wilderness") to provide opportunities for nature exploration with mentors Trent and Jenna.

Wilderkids Junior (for 2- 5 year olds) is held in Valla Beach on Monday AND in Mylestom on Wednesday.

For more information on this program and the mentors please click here: Wilderkids Junior.

To enrol or join a waitlist, please click the button above. Complete all steps when registering: "Create Account" > "Add a Child" > "Term 2" > "Wilderkids Junior" (you will need to choose either Monday or Wednesday).

Cost: $55 per day (50% discount for the second child).

We do not receive any funding for this program and it is self-sufficient. We apologise we cannot offer scholarships or discounts at this stage for any Junior Programs. Commitment is on a term basis. The majority of the information on the rest of this website is for The Learning Hub (6-12 year olds).

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Alithia 2021 Programs final

"Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world."

- Lauren Bacall- 

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