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Rebecca English

Queensland University of Technology

Rebecca English is an academic and researcher at the Faculty of Education, QUT. After years of experience in education, she went on to become an education lecturer and teacher in the School of Curriculum at the university. Her work has been published in various books, professional and scientific journals, magazines and online. Rebecca has written about students' experiences of education in peer-reviewed journals and has been researching choice in education for over 10 years. Rebecca is also interested in democratic learning, the importance of play, unschooling and gentle parenting.

Rebecca is teaming up with Alithia Learning, to conduct a long-term qualitative study and feed back information to help shape this project.  Her research questions, findings and publications in regards to Alithia will be made available on our website.

Mathilda Joubert alithia learning education play communication

Mathilda Joubert

Education Consultant

Mathilda is an Educational Consultant who has worked directly with 500+ organisations on successful innovation/improvement initiatives and advised national governments (e.g. Australia, the UK  and Lithuania) on curriculum and assessment policy development.

Mathilda is an advocate of lifelong learning with two Bachelors and three Masters degrees (in music, languages, education, cognitive neuropsychology and business).

Mathilda worked with Ken Robinson at the NACCCE (National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education), which was established by government to make proposals for education in the U.K.

During that time Mathilda teamed up with Vincent Nolan at SEI (Synectics Education Initiative) to bring communication tools into education. These tools form the foundation of Alithia Learning. Read more at the link below:


Claire Dunn

Writer, Educator, Rewilding Facilitator

Claire Dunn is a writer, educator, Rewilding facilitator and barefoot explorer. Claire worked for many years as an environmental campaigner, before studying deep ecology with Joanna Macy, eco-psychology, and wilderness survival skills.

In 2010, Claire embarked on a year of bush retreat. Her recent book My Year Without Matches: Escaping the City in search of the Wild is the best-selling memoir of that journey, Claire is currently working on another memoir, this time exploring wildness in the urban landscape.

Claire is a passionate advocate for ‘rewilding’ our inner and outer landscapes. She facilitates nature-based reconnection retreats, contemporary wilderness rites of passage and offers individual mentoring.


Karen Willson

Writer, Educator, Rewilding Facilitator
Karen Willson is a Primary Teacher. Karen has also been running small group classes and workshops for other home-educating families for the past 10 years on the Central Coast NSW. Recently, she has collected everything she has learned and published it onto her website - Simply Homeschool. Karen now supports hundreds of Australian families to homeschool their own children in a flexible, family-friendly and engaging way using Real Life and Good Books. Karen has rich experience in educating Neurodiverse kids and loves the challenge of creating engaging learning to support parents to homeschool their children well.
Karen is has provided the Simply Homeschool curriculum to Alithia Learning to explore the connections between learning at Alithia and learning at home in an integrated and seemless way.

Letters of support from additional affiliates

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Cr. Jennie Fenton

Deputy Mayor of Bellingen

Marg Hopper @ Awesome Kids

Occupational Therapist and Clinical Manager

Valla Beach Community Association and Nambucca Valley Council (Mayor and General Manager)

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