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Welcome to the Holistic Hub!

A space for our children to connect to their body, mind, heart and soul!

Our Philosophy

This free interactive online workshop space inspires children aged 6 - 13 years to connect to their inner self along with the support of an Alithia mentor. Learn how to join this program, led and created by Talula Hughes (Alithia's Founder and Principle) and Brony Marshall (Alithia Mentor / Educator / Arts Therapist).

Whilst our program is designed to support 6 - 13 year olds we invite families to join in on the fun too!

Come and journey with us...

The Holistic Hub is a safe space where our children can explore nature, how their body works, their mind, emotions and soul. All physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs will be supported when implementing the workshops themes.

Our themes will include:

  • Understanding our bodies: how do we create strong foundations to feel balanced?
  • Earth connection: how do the cycles of the sun, moon, animals ad plants effect our daily life?
  • Super power exploration: what makes us unique? what are our strengths, skills and interests?
  • Emotional intelligence: how to express our feelings through creativity?
  • Self-expression: how do we express our desires? how do we listen to our body?
  • Dream-lining: how do we impact the world and those around us? what dreams do you have? how do we manifest them?
  • Creative corner: how do you create magic? 🙂

Let's explore and have some fun, here is how to play!!

  1. Create an account with Pinterest using your first name (or an alias).
  2. Click on 'Boards' and create a Journal Board called e.g. "John's Holistic Hub". You can choose to make your 'board' private or public.  Click here for details on how to use Pinterest.
  3. Follow the Alithia Learning Pinterest account and go to your child's board and "invite" Alithia so we can find your board and link you into the community! 
  4. Join in on our weekly online video workshop to explore different topics such as "what is your superpower?" (Tuesdays 930am, email for the Alithia Zoom Meeting Room Link) 
  5. Our theme (or a "challenge") will be discussed at this workshop, the topic will also be posted in the Holistic Hub board on the Alithia Pinterest page. 
  6. Respond to the topic by adding posts (pins) to your personal Journal Board in Pinterest (your Holistic Hub Board). 
  7. Look at other people’s Journal Boards (buttons below)  to share a positive comments or be inspired!
  8. Check the Alithia Holistic Hub board for weekly recaps, new challenges and feedback (and join the weekly Zoom Workshops).
  9. Have fun!

     Parents and families why not create your own journal board too and join in on the fun!

Come follow the Holistic Hub at

Alithia Learning on Pinterest

Talula Hughes

Although I come from a disadvantaged family that faced the many problems that are common in rural disadvantaged communities, I had one thing different: I had access to these amazing tools from my childhood, so at each age I have enjoyed living life to its fullest, being in my own skin, and the doors that this way of being opens in our world.

We can see that the key to creating a happy and fulfilling life is feeling secure within ourselves, having deep roots that stand strong through adversity, but we often miss that this foundation needs to be developed at a young age.

When we remain connected to who we are every step of the way, through our journey of childhood to teens to adulthood, we have a core point to return to as we come across other influences and challenges.

Our way is clear.

IMG_0083 (2)

Brony Marshall

As a child I knew the world was full of wonder and excitement. Throughout my teenage and young adult years this world seemed harder to reach as I dove down ‘the rabbit hole’ of self-discovery and exploration to figure out what ‘it all meant’.

My journey led me to travel the world, delve into the world of creativity and metaphysics, work as a Paramedic for 10 years and in various education systems. The vast experiences that I have had have shaped and guided me to step into my own power, a coming home to my authentic self.

My core passion is to support our children to gain a deeper understanding of who they are. ‘Watering’ their internal seed provides clarity and alignment as they expand into their full potential.

What can I post on my journal board?


Your posts can be anything that pops into your mind when you think of this topic!

  • A creative response such as a photo, an artwork, your gardening or cooking skills, a song, poem, story or dance that you or someone else has created.
  • If our topic was "how to find your superpower" you might research the unique powers of animals, create a character with a dragons tail, gills and feathers for a story. You may like to do research and post collages, videos of yourself showing your superpower of inventing ideas, or post a written list.

Each week there will be an opportunity to share questions and ideas to inspire each other. Participants can choose to respond to the weekly theme,  keep developing their own ideas, or respond creatively to something that sparked their interest within the hub.

The key here is to be playful and have fun, to allow your journal board to be a reflection of you!

Tell me more about the role of the mentor...


Our mentor (Brony Marshall) aims to support collaborative innovation where children are encouraged to instigate projects, develop ideas and put them into action.

Resized_20200205_103429 (1)

Each week the mentor will run an online workshop with new themes! This theme will also be posted on the Alithia Holistic Hub Board.

In our online workshop we will explore tools on how to feel grounded, connected to nature, breathing exercises and optional activities to support the weekly theme. All participants are welcome to be active in our discussions or active listeners and are encouraged to draw, eat or create during the workshop sessions.


Our mentor can be contacted at for further support or queries.


What comments can we leave on other people's posts?

The number one rule for this game is HOW you comment.

  • When we comment we say something positive, something you LIKE about the idea.

It needs to be at least one thing. Aiming for three things is the challenge.

“I like that it made me smile”

“I like the colours”

“I like the line in that song that says ….”

If we want to ask questions about someones post, space will be created within the online weekly workshop to ask questions and explore ideas!

Let us build on our identity and sense of belonging

Video created by Talula Hughes.

Talula spent her childhood with Neeyan and Shaa, camping along beaches and at sacred sites, learning the stories and songs of Gumbaynggirr country, and the importance of belonging and connection. This is Neeyan's story.

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