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What is Alithia Learning?

Alithia Learning is a community of children who come together to discover, create and connect. Find out more about Alithiaour guiding philosophy and the positive communication tools that are at the core of what we do. Our Daily Program starts in 2019. Find out what's on offer and the registration options available for this program.

Alithia Inc. is a not-for-profit charity that is working to evolve education by pioneering a learning space that is democratic and conducive to 21st century learning. 

What is the foundation and philosophy of Alithia Learning?

Positive communication is at the core of Alithia. We use creative-flow communication techniques to build a trusting place where ideas can be developed, connections made and creative thinking flourishes.

The foundation of our approach are the communication tools brought to us by the Synectics Education Initiative. The Synectics team developed a series of constructive behaviours to create an emotionally safe climate; a conversation of sharing ideas and replying to those is done in a way that keeps the individuals feeling open and motivated, rather than shut-down, controlled or talked-down to in anyway.

When mentors, parents and children are aware of these tools, it enables them to act compassionately and supportively, allowing a child’s mind to remain open, engaged and the neurons firing without fear. We run Communication Training Sessions for committee members, mentors, and parents, and mentors and parents incorporate them into the daily activities at Alithia. Find more about the communication tools we use.

Altihia is part of a global movement progressing education to better meet the needs of the future. Alithia will pilot the worlds first Young Innovators Hub, as an entirely new approach to learning, supporting a diversity of developing minds. 

We are here to support families with their philosophical approach. Learning occurs through hands-on projects and activities (play) and will support a variety of families interested in everything from unschooling  to those families who enjoy an academic approach at home.

What impact will Alithia have on education

From grassroots big things grow. We are set to create an example of a new platform for learning (A Young Innovators Hub) and showcase approaches to learning that are applicable for the 21st Century. We have opened the doors to researchers at universities and Education Consultants. This space can be used to re-examine learning and the approaches can be replicated across Australia and the globe. Down the track, we hope to work with policy makers to create an additional platform for education to cater for those families that find a school environment does not work for them.

Whats on offer?

In 2018 - Play Days and Workshops

During 2018, the Alithia community meets for monthly Play Days and runs other experiential workshops in various locations on the Mid North Coast. Parents stay with children at these events. Play Days and workshops are open to all (homeschoolers, non-homeschoolers and preschool-aged children). Events Calendar

In 2019 - The Alithia Learning Space launches

Alithia Learning officially launches our Daily Program in January 2019 . The Alithia Learning Space will be open 4-days-per-week (Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 2.30pm, during school terms) with mentor/s (both paid and volunteer) who facilitate learning experiences with a discovery-learning approach and using collaborative innovation communication techniques to develop and implement ideas. Read what's on offer at this hub and how a Young Innovators Hub works. Parents can stay with the group or drop-off and pick-up children, leaving them in the care of a volunteering parent. There are various types of registration available for our Learning Hub.

Who can attend?

The activities at the Alithia Learning Space are aimed at children 5-12 years, however, children of all ages are welcome to attend and join in with these activities. Children aged 6+ are required to be registered for homeschooling with NESA if attending weekly*. Children under the age of 5 may attend with their registered siblings under the supervision of their parents.

Parents can stay or drop-off/pick-up children. We encourage all attending adults to have partaken in the Alithia Communication Training workshops, so that they familiar with the communication tools that form the core of the Alithia philosophy.

Some parents have chosen to be rostered onto our Support Volunteer Roster 3 hours per week (and receive $1000 reduction in fees). These parents are required to have completed Alithia Communication Training and Working with Children Checks.

*We will offer workshops at our Learning Facility to the entire community (and the schools we are affiliated with).

What will the children be learning?

Play Days and Workshops (2018)

Content of Play Days and Workshops are shown on the event page - see our Events Calendar.

The Alithia Learning Space (2019)

There are two daily gatherings that switch on our brains, getting us grounded and connected, with our creative brains firing. The learning Space meets the interests of the children and learning evolves through the development and implementation of ideas and through additional activities and workshops. We listen to, open circles of collaborative discussion and guide processes for the children, helping them to democratically guide the direction of their learning throughout the day. We use techniques for reflective learning and holistic development. This program is flexible and adaptive. Learn how a Young Innovators Hub works and read what's on offer

How do I book, what does it cost, and are there maximum numbers?

Play Days

Play Days don’t require booking and are a $2 donation per family. There are no maximum numbers.

After a first visit, families are required to become an Alithia Member ($10 per year, per family) to cover insurance. Alithia Members are also welcome to attend all meetings and help shape Alithia Learning to meet your needs. Event Calendar


Workshops are at various prices, depending on the details of the workshop. Most have maximum numbers and are open to all. Event Calendar

The Alithia Learning Space (starting 2019)

Three tiers of membership are offered for the Alithia Learning Space. See full details here

Alithia Learning aims to limit available space to 20 children to ensure a ratio of 1 responsible adult: 10 children aged 5+. While we expect many parents to be in the space as a community, they may also have a younger sibling in their care or focusing on meeting their child's needs that day and so we ensure two allocated responsible adults on duty at all times to supervise the 20 registered children.


The Alithia Learning Space membership opens in September 2018. Join our mailing list so that you’re sure to hear about it when registration opens!

What sort of homeschooling support do you offer?

Alithia offers resources, actives and workshops to home-educating families and can assist with questions around the enrolment, as well as the documentation process involved with home-education. We will  provide documentation from our programs to assist you with your end-of- year reporting process.

NESA requires home-educating families to apply each year and submit evidence that shows that the requirements for registration would be met if registration were to be granted. An Authorised Person will then do a home visit and assess the evidence.

Lots of parents who homeschool are not qualified teachers!

The Alithia Learning approach is centred on discovery-learning. Parents need not feel like they have to know everything and ‘impart’ this knowledge on their children. Discovery learning is about ‘walking beside’ learners and supporting them to discover the learning themselves. Think of some of the most complex things you’re child has ever learned - walking and talking. They can typically learn these through their own desire and exploration, paired with the support and love of a parent/guardian.

In addition to this, the fact that you are connecting in with Alithia programs, means that your child will have other educators (our mentors) to foster their enthusiasm, facilitate exploration of their
interests, and inspire their love of learning.

We also recommend connecting with HEA (Home Education Association) for further support and information.

It has been estimated that 3 hours of home education is equivalent to a full day at school. Based on this, some families aim for 15 hours of "educational activities" per week. NESA requires that the majority of these hours are undertaken at home and therefore we assume that families weave a minimum of 10hours per week (1.5hours per day) of education into their home-life. We are closed 3 days per week to ensure families have plenty of home time. Families that find education in daily activities, may like to have their children help write out shopping lists, encourage daily reading at bed time, use money or cooking measurements to teach maths etc, while other families may prefer work books.

Activities, workshops, projects, peer-to-peer work and tutoring at Alithia (or any learning that occurs at museums, libraries, outdoor excursions etc) are an addition to learning at home.

Our Daily Program will begin in 2019. Join our mailing list so you be sure to know when registrations open.

There are other homeschooling networks on the Mid North Coast that you can connect into also. Find links and/or contacts below:

Why do people home-educate?

Listed below are some of the many reasons why parents might choose to home-educate their children:

  • To spend more time with their children
  • To not be rushing to and from a school, 5 days a week, for 13 years of their life
  • Their children have special needs that they don’t believe the schooling system is able to cater for
  • To give their children more individualised learning opportunities
  • To have more flexibility in when, how and what they learn
  • To facilitate a rural-based or adventure-style lifestyle
  • To pursue a particular pedagogy
  • To provide an education that they believe, better meets the needs of future societies
  • To reduce the time spent in formalised education
  • To increase the time spent outdoors
  • To better facilitate their child’s interests or talents

Will my children be safe?

Working with Children Checks

Play Days & Workshops (2018)

Parents need to stay and supervise their children at Play Days and Workshops in 2018.

The Alithia Learning Space (2019)

Parents are welcome to stay at the Alithia Learning Space or leave their child in the care of an Alithia Co-Educator (we will have a roster of volunteers scheduled on with Working With Children Checks).

Please contact us for our Child Protection Policy, which will soon be available for download on our website.


Read Alithia Learning’s OH&S Policy in the Members section of our site.

First Aid

 Play Days & WorkshopsDaily Program
Emergency information is displayed in the space (i.e. fire, snake, resuscitation, hospital phone number) YesYes
A first aid kit is always kept at the siteYesYes
A risk assessment of the site has been conductedYesYes
At least one adult attending has completed a first-aid certificateYes Yes


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Alithia Learning runs a range of child-led programs designed for 5 to 12 year-olds. The defining characteristics of our programs are positive communication and freedom to learn.

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