The Learning Hub Fees

The Alithia Learning Hub operates 4 full-days-per-week. 

Rather than charging per workshop, we offer membership that allows access to the hub where children can par-take in as many workshops that are on that day.

We aim to keep costs low to assist families in a low socio-economic area and offer additional support for those in financial hardship.

(Families: Please contact us for a scholarship if your family cannot afford financial contributions. We have assistance for indigenous and refugee families, those living in poverty, disabilities etc. Please email or call to share your story. We are here to support our community).

This is a not-for-profit run by volunteers, contributions cover mentors and the running costs only.

$500 Per Term For Full Access!

When you volunteer

*When you register as a "Volunteering Parent" (rostered on for a set three-hours per week), you will receive $1000 off your annual full-access membership, reducing the cost to $2000 for the full year. 

Part-Time Membership

$ 300 / Term
  • 1 day per week This is for children attending up to 1 day per week ($30 per day).
  • Annual Discount Register for the whole year and receive $50 off!
  • Volunteering Discount Part-Time parents are welcome to volunteer with the Program, however, they will not receive a reduction in fees as a result (unless individually arranged).

Full-Time Membership

$750 / Term
  • 2-4 days per week This is for children attending between 2 to 4 days per week.
  • Volunteering Discount Parents are invited to volunteer in anyway they can to reduce fees to $500 per term / $50 per week (which is $12.50 per day when attending 4 days). By volunteering, parents save $1000 per year.
  • Second Child Discount Second child receives 15% off the same type of registration as a sibling.
  • Flexible The number of days children attend can vary from week to week. This flexibility allows for the dynamics of family life.
  • Available to those in need We are happy to discuss creating individual payment / volunteering options for families interested in Full-Access Registration but unable to meet costs. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

What parents are saying...

Karen Caves_square_web copy
Karen Caves
“I love to observe my children's natural sense of wonder, experimentation, exploration and sense of achievement when they work something out for themselves."
Talula Hughes_square_web copy
Talula Hughes
"It's important to me that I support my children to find their unique way of making sense of the world. I want to keep them engaged in their surroundings by allowing them to continually learn through movement and exploration."
Cat Walsh_square_web
Cat Walsh
"I want my youngest child to have the benefit of homeschooling, without having to give up the job I love."

Payment & Booking

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