Alithia Mentors 2019-2020

After extensive interviews with amazing mentors from across the East Coast, we are delighted to introduce the following facilitators that will launch Alithia's Full Program as of July 2019. Friday is known as our "workshop day" which is more flexible with mentors. Every day will include two Alithia Co-Educators working along-side these coordinators in a three hour block each  (9am - 12pm and 12pm- 3pm). Alithia Co-Educators are volunteer parents on a set roster, with training and checks, who will bring in their skills and qualifications to run additional workshops.

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Tuesday and Wednesday Program:

Brony (Arts Therapist/Educator)

"I have worked with children from Kindergarten through to Year 12, encompassing Primary, Secondary and Special Education Schools. My seven-year career as a teacher has been diverse; from supporting students with intellectual differences to students to youth ‘excluded’ from mainstream schooling due to behavioural challenges. I can see the disconnect that our youth are facing, and the continual pressures they are experiencing from our current schooling systems. My ten-year career as a Paramedic allowed me to interact on a daily basis with people from various cultures and social demographics".

Brony holds qualification in a range of therapy, including holistic counselling, and currently runs Self-Empowerment Programs for children. Her way of communicating creates mutual respect between children and mentor, and empowers children to make responsible choices. Brony's work has showed her ability to help children build deep connections (with self, nature and others). The Alithia Board were inspired by Brony's past experiences encouraging creative thinking and hands-on-projects with children, and her recognition of  for innovation, holistic development,  and a democratic environment. We are very excited to have Brony on board!

You can read about a Typical Day at Alithia here


Thursday Program

Leonie (Special Needs Teacher Aid, Natural Learning Mentor, Home Educator Primary-High School)

Leonie has worked with many children from 6-16 years of age over the years in varying roles, such as 5 years as a Teachers Aide/Assistant (specialising in children with particular disabilities and neurodiversity), a Social Worker at a Juvenile Justice detention centre, a swimming teacher etc. Leonie has home-educated her children for the entirety of their education, with her 17 year old now taking on University subjects. Her approach to education links to her extensive research into interest-led learning and projects; she finds creative ways to inspire discussions, and then encourages research and projects to develop from those thoughts.

Leonie's way of communicating, and facilitating learning, is truely supportive and builds confidence and self-assurance. Her examples deeply align with Alithia's communication tools. Her Maori heritage helps her to understand the importance and value in culture, and she discusses history in a way that is respectful to people from all walks of life. Leonie's amazing 11 year old daughter joined us for the interview and she is also excited to help out on some Thursdays; her social, welcoming warmth, will help to connect the children and inspire peer-to-peer support.

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Friday Program:

Elintari (Nature Academy Mentor and Early Educator)

Elintari is a mentor from Nature Academy and has worked with 6-12 year olds on Wild Camps, 4-8 year olds at Bush Kindy and various ages at the Nature Playgroups. Her skills and interests include: fire craft and cooking, whittling, weaving lomandra grass, creating bush swings and slack lines, recreation, arts, permaculture gardening, imagination and hands-on building in nature. Elin fosters a deeper connection with nature through child led play and exploration.

Elin has worked as a facilitator in Out of Hours Care at Thornbury Primary School. In this program she offered movement or yoga postures to calm the mind or emotions and drew on her mindfulness training. She further assisted in helping the children to manage difficult emotions and social interactions. Elin is Steiner educated and an experienced and qualified early child-hood educator. Elin ran a full-day at Alithia during Term 1.


Thursday Program and Friday Program Support Mentor

Ben (Makers-Space Mentor: design, robotics, music, STEM)

While Ben was raising his 15 year old daughter, he began to see the disengagement in schools and wished to inspire interest. He worked as a Student Learning Support Officer at Bowraville Central School. He ran a Makerspace where he designed and implemented learning opportunities for students from Kindergarten to Year 10. Some of these skills included: 3d printing, Construction, Electronics, Robotics, Music and Multimedia (STEM).

Ben has experience and qualifications in Architectural Design, drafting, Town Planning, Permaculture Design and Horticulture. Ben and his daughter were part of the Yarrahapinni choir and he is interested in sharing his love of singing, Ukulele and Djembe drums throughout his day.


Friday Program Music Workshop

9.30am - 10.30am: Bonnie Nilsson (Music Teacher/Therapist)

Read about Bonnie's workshops at Alithia here

Read Bonnie's Bio here

Substitute / Casuals / Future Mentors

Michael Jarrett

Michael Jarrett:  

Language and Culture Mentor / Educator

Michael is currently working full-time for the language centre and will join us for one full day every month. You can read his bio here

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Lara Freeman

UpsideDown Fitness Instructor, Circus, Aerial skills, Yoga, and Healthy Development. Lara ran a full-day at Alithia during Term 1 and has been requested by the kids and parents alike.

See our full mentor list here

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