Alithia Clay and Yoga Workshop

The free Alithia Clay and Yoga event for May was creative and inspiring. Again, many like minded families met and spend a wonderful morning together.




Every Alithia event opens with a Welcome Gathering where we experience an example of the warms up that will be used in the Learning Space to start the day: integrating brain gym, breathing techniques and therapeutic visualisation to wake up body and brain, get connected to each other and the land, and get focused.

This time a 4 year old lead us confidently through a quick piece that acknowledges the land and our surroundings.



After the opening we started our 'Family Yoga Workshop' with local teacher Karen Caves who led the families on an imaginative adventure story, role playing animals, growing trees and transforming into mountains.



It was wonderful to see age groups from 0-12 connecting and helping each other and exploring new capabilities of their bodies.



There was a very organic transition into the  'Nature Art Workshop' with local artist and social worker, Tammy.



The families explored the natural surroundings and collected 'treasures' such as seeds, rocks, leaves, feathers and blossoms to stick into air drying clay.


The children made mobiles and sculptures, tying knots, experimenting with the science of air dry clay and sticking it to varying textures.



It was also a great sensory experience for the younger ones.




We were very grateful for our Forest School Facilitator joining us once again who introduced the children to a local hermit crab, explaining that it finds a new home as it grows.



The little highlight at the end of our morning was a 5 year old who did a solo performance singing a wonderful nature song in our local indigenous language. After being asked what the song is about she translated the song and taught us the words for some of the animals.





A big thank you to all the families that joined us and of course to our amazingly skilled volunteering facilitators.

We already look forward to our next gathering. To find out more about our local events use the 'Calendar' tab on our website or like 'Alithia Learning' on Facebook.

Photography by: Celine Pruniaux, Talula Hughes and Antje Firla.


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