The Learning Space

The Alithia Learning Space is a holistic hub offering various workshops, hands-on activities and day-courses for collaborative innovation (where children are encouraged to instigate projects, develop ideas together and put them into action).


Alithia meets the needs of children in our disadvantaged area, offering therapeutic and holistic workshops that assist children who are: suffering from anxiety and depression, learning to thrive with neuro-divergence, overcoming hardships in the family and community, navigating obstacles that are faced by minority groups and Australia's indigenous, or in need of a supportive, creative environment and opportunities.


Alithia Learning provides a place for children to come together, with regular set open-hours, where they can access collaborative projects, discover, create and problem-solve with other children of varying ages and backgrounds.


 A place where children are supported to reach their full potential regardless of their background or approach to life.  A place where children have the freedom to experiment and follow their curiosities with access to shared facilities and mentors. 


Ages 6 -12

The Learning Space is designed for children aged 5-12, however, other aged children are more than welcome to attend. 

In Valla

The Learning Space will be on acreage in Valla, NSW, Australia (Mid North Coast).

Tuesday to Friday

The Daily Program runs Tues-Fri 9am-3pm.

Home Education & Schools

All children aged  6 to 16 need to be registered with NESA as home educated or enrolled in school to attend our daily activities. 

Membership Fees

We offer casual visit passes, part-time membership or full-access membership. Find out more

'Alithia' is Greek for Truth

The spelling alethiea is used in philosophy to describe truth as the way things are opened up, revealed, made intelligible for human beings. Alithia Learning is a place where children are encouraged to develop ideas, question and discover, integrating a deep understanding of the world. It is a platform for reimagining learning. A place to innovate.

Alithia also refers to one’s inner-truth and sincerity. We see 'Alithia Learning' to mean 'True Learning', in a holistic sense: social, emotional, creative and academic. A place to explore concepts in a way that is appealing to the individual and develop a strong sense of authentic-self, helping children to navigate their way through a full-filling, connected life.

From Grassroots, Big things Grow.

Still in the planning phase, the Learning Space is coming to life with the work of our dedicated board members. Find out more at the links below. 

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Alithia Learning runs a range of child-led activities designed for 5 to 12 year-olds. The defining characteristics of our learning space are positive communication and holistic development.

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