The Alithia Learning Space runs various workshops for collaborative innovation, holistic development and a range of hands-on activities designed for children aged 6 to 12, located in a disadvantaged area of NSW.

At the core, Alithia is a set of positive communication tools. These techniques create a trusting space where people feel accepted and supported. Within this non-judgemental environment, participants can build a sense of purpose and capability, while being supported on their own unique learning journey. Every individual has a unique way of learning and of approaching the world. Our learning space is flexible and adaptive to empower children from a young age.

Our Philosophy

Positive communication tools and unique ways of learning are at the core of our philosophy.

Communication Tools

Our Mentors

Our wonderful mentors come from all different walks of life. We focus on facilitating discovery learning where mentors walk beside learners, not in front.

Meet Our Team

Young Innovators Hub

A supportive place for Alithia children to innovate, discover and develop holistically.

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Given the problems that arise in rural low-socio economic areas, Alithia’s core focus is to ensure the mental health and well-being of young children, preventing them from becoming youths at risk.

Alithia meets the needs of children requiring social and emotional support, those that are neuro-diverse (Autistic Spectrum, ADHD, Aspergus), those from minority groups (including Australia’s indigenous), those experiencing learning difficulties and hardships, and those considered to be in need of a nurturing, creative environment and opportunities.

Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world. – Lauren Baccal


We run on tax deductible gifts as a registered Public Benevolent Institution

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